S23 Ultra Lock Screen

Just got the new S23 Ultra on android 13 and whenever the alarm goes off it does not bring up the full screen alarm page when the phone is locked. Im forced to unlock the phone and mess around with the app to bring up the screen to dismiss the alarm. Too bad I like the app, but the regular clock app works bringing up the screen to dismiss the alarm when the phone is locked.

Hello, could you please make sure you have “Full screen” alarm enabled in Settings > Alarms, including the required permission for apps to load full screens?
Also, some Captcha task may prevent accessing the lock screen - do you use Captcha for the alarms?


I have fullscreen checked for the alarm. I have the app set to be able to draw over other apps and as device admin and allowed unrestricted access to battery in background and turned off any power saving and background use limits, not sure what other settings to have. I dont use the captcha.


I Hope Samsung did not add another of their “unique” features, that are not documented anywhere.
Could you please reproduce such alarm and use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug?
Is it happening to all alarms, or only in the morning? Which app is on the top of the stack in Recents, if not Sleep?

It happens to all alarms even setting it a minute out and turning off the screen. It will pop up the full screen alarm page for a brief moment then goes to my normal screen to unlock the device to be able to dismiss the alarm. Ill reproduce it now and send it over.