Restore settings with prefs.xml

Hello, how do I restore my settings with prefs.xml?

This does not work. The setting is not foundable. Typing Restore settings finds nothing.
I Lost 1 hour sleep n’y searching how to do that :cry:

Hi, thanks a lot about this. We’ve reorganized the section of the settings where the Restore settings was (split it in two sections) and forgot to include the resulting sections in search. I’m onto fixing it.

You’ll find the Restore settings option in Settings > Privacy > Restore settings (in the Backup section)

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer!

It’s not working.
When I do that a white (empty?) little window pops up and dissapear instantly, staying a micro second (I’m not able to see what’s on it, and even less to show it because of how fast it dissapears.

I also tried to restore settings and alarms with SleepCloud Backup but it also didn’t worked. I’m damned :frowning:

Okay nevermind I think it worked, the settings were correctly restored.
However, my alarms didn’t restored. How Can I fix this?