Respiratory Analysis without Pulse Oximeter!?

The screen below showed up today. But I don’t have an oximeter. I had the orange stripe some nights before (What’s that?) , but O2 tags and an analysis result? Is that a misinterpretation of data from my new Polar Vantage M? Is the sonar acting strange? I’m astonished.

Hi @Andreas_Manuth! The sonar is able to capture your breath rate, if the measurement conditions are good. It doesn’t happen always, since the conditions are often less than ideal, but yes, it’s the result of sonar measurement.

The orange stripe is actually a line with lots of quick ups and downs in your case, so it looks like a stripe. It shows data from the phone’s light sensor, ie. whether you sleep in the dark or not (also adds a dark/light tag to the sleep record). See more at