Resetting app back to defaults

Morning all,

Per the title, I’m having some funky occurrences with my alarm and I want to revert the app to baseline. I’ve gone through the menus and the forum, but a “Restore Factory Settings” button is eluding me.

Symptoms: smart alarm goes off, generally early in the smart period, so I hit snooze. Some mornings the alarm goes off again, I wake up. Other mornings, like today, the alarm screen is visible but there’s no sound/vibration through the wearable and an hour’s gone by.

Latest app version, Mi fitness and Notify for Mi Band installed. I haven’t tried it with my Galaxy 6 yet.

Hi @Matt_Coleman, could you please use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug? Do you use sound start delay, or online-based ringtone (radio/Spotify)?

I use mountain steam, gentle volume 3 minutes, sounds delay disabled, play alarm in silent profile is active, vibration off and wearable after 1 minute.

But that’s the thing, the first alarm goes off but not the snooze. But sometimes the snooze does go off, which just creates more confusion.

I haven’t changed any settings, so tonight I’ll use my galaxy 6 and see what happens.

The type of the wearable does not play a role in the ringtone playing. Send us the logs in the morning, and I will check what is happening there.