Reset the alarm-playlist?

Hi and thanks for the admission!

I searched in the forum and did not find a solution:
In which way I can reset the alarm-playlist.

After the move to a new cellular-phone (samsung to nokia 7.1) my “Sleep as Android” hold the old playlist with 21 items. But they all on the address/path of the “old” SD-card.
Now I have another SD-Card (with the same music, but a lot more capacity).

If I look into setup/standart-alarm, it is say, that there are a playlist with 21 titles.
But I can’t find the titles in the playlist, and (so I’m think) “Sleep as Android” too: I hear a “beep”-alarm, no music.
If I scroll through the whole list of all music, I cant find any signed checkmark.

In which way I can solve this problem?

A lot of thanks for yout help in advance!


P.S.: I have the german version on run. I guess the englisch terms. Sorry.

Hello, to reset the playlist, please go to **Settings > Alarm default settings > Ringtone **.
Now look at the top bar. Is it green and does it say “Playlist of size XX”? If so, just tap on the cross (X) button, this will delete the current playlist.

Then tap on the top right button (two check marks), this will bring you back to the playlist selection and you can choose your playlist anew.

It works now!
We can close this,

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