Requesting Smart Watch/Band Suggestions --must have NFC capabilities

I’ve long used Xiaomi Bands and Amazfit bands with SAA and I think I am ready to get a new watch/band now that my last Amazfit 3 basically died. Having one that is compatible with Sleep As Android is non-negotiable (though I currently usually use a phaser, I would use the watch on vacation and might stop using the phaser if I like the watch enough), which is why I’m asking for suggestions in here.

I want my new watch/band to support NFC’s. I now use Home Assistant, but I can’t tap my phone to NFC tags because the Phone wallet causes my credit card to lock up the phone NFC reader to never read anything but the credit card attached to it. So I am going to need a watch/ring that will read NFC tags instead.

Important features:

  • NFC required (so I can tap it to an NFC sticker/card to run an automation (on my phone/home-assistant).
  • Gyroscope sensor so it works with SAA to detect movement and sleep cycle --most watches have this in order to track walking activity anyway.
  • Heartrate should be a given
  • SpO2 is a huge bonus, but I could live without it since I have a ring that will track that.
  • Absolutely no subscription fees. I will connect to the watch through my phone, not let it have it’s own paid plan.

The lower the price the better (I’ve usually bought cheap smart bands), but I’m desperate enough that I’m willing to spend a few hundred if I have to.

All input appreciated. :slight_smile: