Request for new low O2 alert

I would love to be able to set the ‘low O2 alert’ to only vibrate when it comes under a specific (manually set) percentage.

[The sensitivity setting of the O2 alarm (and others) means ‘measuring it more often during sleep tracking’(right?).
I thought that the setting High meant, it is so sensitive that it alerts you even when it drop under e.g. 95% O2. & That Extra Low meant only alert under 87%]

Also, both my phone and watch are vibrating when the O2 alarm goes off.
Wouldn’t it be great if you had the option ‘vibrate not on phone’ and 'not on watch or phone but 'vibrate only on ‘bt oximeter’)?

Ah, a girl can dream :blush:.

Sensitivity for the low-breath alerts will shift the algorithms for the alerts, it won’t change the frequency of the reading.
We do not use exact given values for triggering the alerts, it is a bit complicated - we also evaluate the surrounding data; moving median is involved in the computations. The sensitivity shifts these computations.

The manual set for the value is possible in the settings of the oximeter (long-press will take you to the settings, where it should be available).

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Thanks for explaining, I couldn’t figure out how the sensitivity for the alert worked. It’s not as simple as the “volume threshold” for recording sleeping sounds for instance.

Can’t wait till the oximeter gets here!
Manually setting it a specific number will help me not getting too many alarms.

But what should be the low o2 alarm settings in SaA be then when it gets here…? Any recommendations or should I just play around with it?

In SaA, you can only change the sensitivity.
The exact value for the alarm can be only set on the oximeter (in its settings).

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I’ve received the device! Thank you for easing my mind last week, I should have had fate. The bad comments never had a follow up.

Still 3 problems which I can’t seem to solve …

1)I’m wondering what my settings in the saa app should be regarding the low o2 alarm…should I set it on or off and if yes, on high? Low?
2)how does the alarm work with the stresslocator (because my StressLocator beeps). Double alarms?
3) Still trying to get it to vibrate instead of beep…is it even possible)

This device just came in time…, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve slept so long tonight\today, or that is was worse than normal, but my rdi would’ve been 32! Thats horrible!

I think you should decide, if you wish to get the low-breath alerts from Sleep, or from the oximeter itself.
Do the alerts help you?

RDI is an index - the respiratory turbulences per hour, so the sleep duration does not matter.
And yes, 32 is really high. Anything above 30 should be consulted with a doctor; I hope you can see a specialist soon.

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Does the Stesslocator vibrate or just beeps

What to do if patients o2 is low?

Hi @Dought, if the SpO2 dips, the app will trigger the alert.
If this is not helping, or you see a lot of SpO2 dips, you should consult the results with your doctor - they will probably send you to a specialist.