Removing part of an individual noise recording

Hi. Is there currently a way to edit a single recording, i.e. cutting off tail end of recording to make it shorter, thus making it shareable? Thanks!

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I’m curious about this as well and may start a separate thread. My use case is that sometimes, individual recordings end up being ten minutes long. However, within that recording, there may be only three minutes of actual noise (e.g. snoring) that I’m interested in. Without the ability to edit/crop sections of individual recordings, it means I get ten minutes of snoring logged rather than three minutes. Compounded over several ten-minute recordings, this adds up and inflates the amount of actual snoring that I use.

Currently, my recording sensitivity is set at 30%. That may or may not be related, but higher sensitivity ends up yielding 100s of recordings per night, many of which don’t have meaningful noise. With lower sensitivity, I obviously miss bouts of snoring. Is there either a feature in the pipeline that allows for editing individual recordings or is there a tweak I can apply that might help mitigate this problem a bit?