Removing faulty HR, retropspectively

Hi there,

My Notify fitness -sometimes- intermittently shows a duplicate fictional heartrate every x minutes on its’ output. I’ve long been trying tot get this bug out, and seemed to have managed it this time.

I therefore used the SAA sleep analyzer combined with HR last night though, because HR seemed to work fine.

Directly after ending the analysis SAA showed my sleep stages without HR. It looked fine. A few minutes later I looked again though, and this time HR had loaded in SAA: it showed notify’s HR - with loads of faulty measurements.
But here’s my real issue: All the previously showing sleep stages are gone now: they have morphed into one large block of ‘awake’.

I really needed this measurement for an upcoming intake with a sleep centre, so I’m pretty sad right now. Is there a way that I can get SAA’s original sleep stats visible again, from before HR loaded?

Extra info: I have a Google fit connection for Zepp HR and SAA. Zepp itself has no HR issues. Notify had no connection to GF.

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