Removing a day from a challange without deleting it from tracking


Is there a way to modify a challenge without deleting your sleep data for a night? I should have asked before. I ran into an issue with the challenge I just lost by less than a minute: I lost the challenge because of an emergency that was completely out of my control but meant I couldn’t sleep on time.

In my specific case, on April 13, 2024, Iran launched an unprecedented attack on my homeland. Naturally, I did not go to bed that night. You can see in the photo I uploaded the big red bar that made me lose. The reality is, I didn’t sleep that night; halfway through the night, I realized there would be no recovery from this if I didn’t start my sleep tracking, at which point I proceeded to press the pause button for hours until I went to bed.

I’m not mad about losing $9.99; take it and use it for a good cause. I won anyway because I knew that if I could do this despite terrorist attacks and the war, then I’d be a winner no matter what. This isn’t always true, though, for everyone. Some people are in horrific accidents; some people need to spend a night taking care of a loved one, and I think that is something that we should consider.