Reminder to take medicine before falling asleep

From Peter Benovic on 2016/05/08 16:24:50 +0000

I need to take variuos pills before I go sleeping and it would be a nice feature when Sleep As Android ould remind me befor sleep tracking starts… As my time to bed varies widly (between 22:00 and 03:30) setting a reminder in a calendar app does’nt really help as there I have to set a fixed time. Talking to people in my age category (60+) that would be a valuable function to many of them.

Copied from original feature request:

From Tod on 2017/02/20 12:50:34 +0000

I have posted the same… i can see that this is an old requirement request… any feedback…

From Robin Markowitz on 2016/05/14 04:00:25 +0000

I just made a similar feature request. Meanwhile, I have Gentle Alarm tell me to do this, as well as other pre-sleep tasks in text-to-speech. I can make it say anything that I want. But the degree of difficulty in G.A. for customizable Text-to-Speech is a bit annoying. Not everyone will even be able to find the feature within their old-school interface. Took me a while.

I would like Sleep As Android to do this and to make the process a bit easier than it is in Gentle Alarm.

Meanwhile, set up a sleep reminder profile in that other app and customize as you wish. It's just that it's awkward and difficult in G.A. whereas SaA seems to make this sort of thing easy once they implement it.

I have no more votes left, but I will try to get one back to vote for your request. Thank you.