Remind user to start tracking after edit of alarm (if no movement for 60 secs)

From Ross on 2015/08/25 11:07:39 +0000

Hi there,

Long time user and truly love the date your app provides but I’ve recently run into a problem using it. No there’s nothing wrong with the app it’s me but there’s something you can do that would make the app better for everyone (I think). I’ve been going to bed at some random times and needed to set new alarms, I go through the edit alarm, set time, click done and in my really tired state place the phone down because I clicked ‘done’ my mind thinks “That’s it, now go to sleep.” BUT I FORGOT TO START TRACKING!!!

I also hope this isn’t something it can already do and I’m just being dumb!

Can/could the sleep app have a small reminder (maybe a quiet bleep) when a user edits an alarm (but forgets to active the sleep tracking) there will be very little movement from the device it would be possible to assume the user has retired for the night…could the app audibly remind the user,say 60 seconds after the alarm is set and the app left open but no tracking started - quiet bleep "Do you want to start tracking? Yes / No "

I hope you can see what I’m suggesting.

Now the clever part, if the app detects that the device is in motion (say swinging in a pocket, big movements) but the user didn’t close the app it should know not to remind the user as they obviously aren’t about to sleep and may just be editing their sleep settings while commuting to work or something.

[I’m aware that someone setting the alarm before going to sleep on something like a moving train might not get a reminder this way but that’s not the majority of users :wink: ]

This way my sleep data would be more accurate and useful as I would be far less likely to forget to start the tracking.

Thank you for the consideration.

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