REM detection not working with Wear OS, sleep graph seems very wrong

I just got a Ticwatch Pro which is a Wear OS 2 watch recently released and supports continuous heart rate monitoring. I set it up with Sleep last night but the results don’t look correct to me. It shows no REM sleep at all. Compared to my Fitbit Versa data from the previous night it looks very incorrect. Here are screenshots of Sleep data last night vs Fitbit data from the previous night.


Hmm, apparently I’m only allowed to put one image in a post as a new user. I will try to put the Fitbit data image in a comment.

Is it possible this is a bug in Sleep? Is it possible that something is misconfigured? Maybe sleep isn’t working right with the Ticwatch Pro because it was just released a few days ago?

Let me know if I can provide any more data to help debug this.

Sleep v 20180717

As you can see the Fitbit data looks a lot more like expected normal sleep data compared to the Sleep graph. The Sleep graph makes it seem like I am changing sleep cycles from deep to light every 15 minutes!

For what it is worth, I have the same / similar experience with REM detection in Sleep as Android with a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for heart rate monitoring versus the REM detection of my Fitbit Alta HR.

For details, see my earlier thread ‘Does using heart-rate really improve REM detection?’