Reinstall on the same device?

My phone somehow lost all its apps and Google Play does not want to re-install on the same device, just keeps giving me “something went wrong” message.

How should I go about re-installing?

Also I am probably going to get a new phone soon, how to move the application to a new phone?

Whatever happened, I seem to have also lost a bunch of history - it’s been weeks since I uploaded so I’ll have to see what survived … damn

It’s seems to be fine now …

for 2 days it wouldn’t install, then it installs a couple of minutes after I ask for help …

That’s the kind of customer service that we do! :slight_smile:

I have also experienced this kind of messages on Play Store in the past few days so it’s possible that that was an outage on the side of Google.

My sleep cloud and my sleep as android activation both seem to have been lost - how can I re activate both?
I may not reactivate on this device - it may be going bad, but I will need to re-activate when I get the replacement device.

Hello Sanjeev,

sorry for the issues.

In-app purchases are notoriously buggy on Android, especially when you have more than 1 account on your smartphone.
The problem is that in-app purchases are always tied to a specific account, and if the app to which the in-app belongs is installed under a different account on your phone, it won’t be recognized. We consider it a bug, even though it is a logical one, not technical.

To get the in-app unlock recognized properly, do the following:

First, we’ll remove Sleep as Android from the wrong account.

  1. Uninstall Sleep as Android (make sure that your data are backed up first! See backup guide)
  2. Start the Play Store app on your phone, go to the Left menu > My apps&games, then click on LIBRARY in the tab bar.
  3. Find Sleep as Android in the list (for easier search, switch to alphabetical ordering)
  4. Remove Sleep as Android by tapping the cross button.

If Sleep as Android was not found in the list, you’ll need to switch to a different account in the Play Store app. Do that in the left menu, using the down arrow on the menu header. Then repeat the steps above.

Now that Sleep as Android is removed from your account, we’ll add it to the correct account.

  1. In a browser on your computer (not on the phone), open up
  2. Make sure that you are signed in under the account with which you have bought the in-app purchase.
  3. Click on install

Now the app should start downloading and installing on your phone, under the correct account, and should correctly recognize the in-app purchase.

All Google services have been wacky since they began shutting down Google+, which is gone now. Just gone. I downloaded my data, but I don’t see that helping much because where would I read it?

Anyway, so many apps were affected in many different ways. Door Dash lost it’s regular menus, the main Pebble app is GONE! I have 3 wrist watches that lost access to a reinstall of the operating system!!! Something in the code triggered the bot to kill it. It is available on a mirror site, which I will post with permission here in a new thread.

The earlier account thing is driving me crazy with Picsart Photo Studio. I don’t use my old account except for making music videos and a blog, both of which are vulnerable to being struck down for the power-imbalanced current copyright laws. I can’t delete the account, or I won’t take the chance. Which means subscriptions are badly affected by an account I don’t need for consumer activity. It’s almost impossible to switch the primary account. So, you have to pay twice, at the best of outcomes. The subscription or purchase must be demolished to start fresh with your desired account.

Lots of Google things need reappraisal. That bot thing took down the SaA app!!! They had to move heaven and earth, apparently, to vanquish and appease the Rules Bot. This means old favorite, but essentially deprecated apps will be lost. I am not happy. But an older app may never be able to be used on a new or factory reset phone. It’s too old, even though it works fine.

Even if you factory reset, you’d have to destroy your original Google account, losing your money in the process. It’s wrong! But they won’t fix it.

Glad you had success!!!