"Record a note" and Wiki

saA app has so many great features. It can be a bit of a jungle to find and get everything working and the developers are more busy developing than documenting. Since that is the case I would think that a Wiki that we users could build and update would be a useful addition.

I had some questions about the “Record a Note” function. If I search here (with quotes) I only get one hit which is a feature request applied to Lucid Dreaming. If i search the docs for the app
I don’t get anything useful either.

I sent in a bug report that included:
tried Record a note
“Speak now” appeared
I spoke
“speak now” disappeared
I kept talking a while since it was very short
saw no way to end
tried the back button
*that seemed to end the sleeptracking also. (but I later saw that “sleep tracking” was still going on. *
no noises were recorded again and I see no other way to find a recorded note.

How is " Record a note" supposed to work?

The Urbandroid team answered through Petr:

At the moment the take note feature is probably suboptimal, but this is how it works…

If you press it than

  • if recording is running it will mark current record with the MIC tag
  • if recording is not running it will start recording from at least few secs and add a MIC tag, if you keep talking you are probably over the threshold so it will keep recording…

Anyhow I think it would be advantageous to create a Wiki for SaA either on the official site (preferably) or maybe an inofficiell one. Anyone else interested?


A wiki would be a fine idea, especially since the documentation is so extensive already, it’s a bit of a challenge to search it. Plus, with user contributions, that might take a bit of the load off the official support team.


Hi, this is an interesting idea. We are actually currently at the start of a documentation redesign process so right now is the best time for such input.

I am currently considering a static site and dropping our current CMS. That way we could host the content both online and offline inside the app. We have a public repository on Github for the docs but it’s currently a heavy work-in-progress. But we can already see a way for users to contribute.
Take a look here: https://github.com/urbandroid-team/sleep-docs/blob/master/docs/alarms/Smart_wake_up.md
This is one page of the new docs.
In the upper right corner, you can see a pencil icon which enables you to propose changes to the particular document. This would be one of the possible options that user contributions could be taken in.

Another one is already there - this forum. It enables us to turn a regular post into a wiki post (see https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-a-wiki-post/30801), which could then be edited by everyone.
We could set up a Wiki category in which all posts would be wiki-editable and keep the wiki there.
However I’m afraid that such wiki might deteriorate quickly as the information might get stale at any moment with no guarantee of updates, and also would lead to duplicate effort with the official documentation.

So my vote would be to encourage everyone to contribute to the official docs. What do you think?

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