Question related to Garmin Vivosport


Dear Team first of all I would like to share with you, that I really like the sleep tracking and namely the sleep phase alarm functionality of your app!

Now I am looking for a fitness watch with HR and GPS which would allow me to use the sleep phase alarm functionality of your app without havimg the phone in my bedroom. Since my arm wrist is very small, the garmin vivosport got my attention. Now I am not sure whether this watch is supported for the alarm functionality?

Can you clarify this for me?

Best regards Gina


Hi Gina, no unfortunately there is no way to develop apps for Vivosport. Only devices in here could be developed for, and not even all of them are compatible with Sleep.


As far as I know, the alarm has to be hard set on the watch, and Garmin doesn’t have any functionality that would allow alarm to be shared between phone and the watch, but I might be wrong on the non-ConnectIQ devices.


Hi there thanks for the fast response. Is there any list where I see which device support sleep phase alarm? Will this feature be supported with fitbit ionic or versa? Thanks Gina


Sorry for late reply.
All devices support the smart alarm (if that’s what you mean by phase alarm), everything we integrated was mainly integrated for the reasons sleep tracking and smart alarm.
So Garmin does support that and Fitbit will soon.