Question about S Health HR Import

I am seeing some inconsistencies with importing HR data from S Health into the Sleep app. Most of the graphs have lots of hills and valleys, this is when it is grabbing the HR in 10-20 minute intervals. If I use constant it doesn’t seem like the Sleep app is pulling in all the HR data from S Health, it is a very smooth Sine wave. There have also been a couple of times where I didn’t get any HR data into the sleep app but it is in the s health app. I have done a manual sync and that didn’t make a difference. Is this normal behavior, a known issue, or am I not doing something right? I have attached example pictures.

  1. Is the HR data when using interval monitoring on the gear fit 2 pro band.
  2. is using continuous monitoring and
  3. is the graph i have in the S health app showing it did collect data throughout the night.

We would need a debug log for this - could you please reproduce the problem and then send settings > services > cloud backup > report a bug?

Sent. It did better last night but it still is way smoother than the SHealth graph. I wonder if S Health is not allowing a complete export, maybe it is just giving an overview of the HR range over certain time periods instead of sending every reading like it does when it is measuring intervals. I am looking into getting the mi band 2 for sleep monitoring instead of fighting with the gear fit 2 which samsung obviously doesn’t want being used for sleep monitoring. Their sleep monitoring in S Health is absolute garbage.