Question about premium

I have premium Sleep, but I recently got my mom started using the app as well and she was wondering what, exactly, premium gets you over the free version. We both looked through the documentation and couldn’t really find anything. Additionally, I tried emailing the Sleep support email, and got this about 24 hours later: “Delivery incomplete. There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 46 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.” Just seemed weird to me that the support email is bouncing.

Hello, our support email is, and it should be working.

The free version in the trial shows all features, so you can test the features and explore the app (for 14 days).
After the trial ends, the free version is limited - tracking features work every other day. But you can use this free version as long as you need, there is no hidden fee. Getting the full version is optional.

The full version removes all limitations, and there are also a few lullabies added as a bonus.

If your mom is in the free trial, she should see the same features as you have in the full version.

Also, if you have a stand-alone app, and not in-app, you can share the license with your mom via Google Family Library.

Oh, that’s fantastic to know! Does that work with the lifetime purchase as well? Because I’m strongly considering doing that next time the subscription is up.

Hello @somnomania, yes if you purchase the lifetime license as the Sleep as Android Unlock app you can share it with your family members through the family library…

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Sharing the license is possible only with the stand-alone full apps (not the subscriptions or in-app types), so you need to get the full app as “Sleep as Android Unlock”.

And in case you are considering the full version, there will be a discount promo event for three days next week, starting on Tuesday (23-25th May).

I do already have the Unlock app, but only as the premium subscription of $3/year. Is there a different unlock app for lifetime?

Hi, a subscription for 3USD per year sounds like you have a SleepCloud premium subscription.
Sleep as Android Unlock, that is eligible for Google Family Library is this one:

Do you own this exact app?

I do, yes; it simply says “Install on more devices” on that page for me. I guess I bought lifetime at some point.

Great, in such case, make sure that the Unlock is added to the Google Family Library - you should see this toggle:

I’ve got it all set up with my mom’s phone now, thank so much for the help! I had no idea Google had this family library thing before this.

You are welcome :slight_smile: