QR / NFC Captcha Modification - Staged Alarm Silencing


When I get up, I am using the NFC captcha to try and make me get out of bed and tap my phone on something in my room. It generally works. However, over the years I have gotten used to it and I am able to get back into bed and sleep almost without thinking.

Would it be possible to set up the alarm such that the phone needs to be tapped against two NFC tags (or QR codes) but with varying alarm states between scans:

  • Between the alarm activating and first captcha scan the alarm is full volume
  • When the first NFC/QR is scanned the alarm is silenced for a set period of time. (Say 1 minute)
  • If the second one is tapped within that window then the alarm is dismissed, if it isn’t, then back to square one and you have to tap on the first one again.

The use case is to allow me to have an NFC chip in my bedroom that silences the alarm but a second one in my kitchen that fully deactivates the alarm. I would like it to be silent in-between scan 1 and scan 2 so that I am not disturbing my flatmates/family etc

I would suggest another option.

  1. the Alarm is triggered with the requirement of QR or NFC
  2. a button appears when you click on it, the sound is temporarily turned off, for the period necessary to reach the mark
  3. if there is not enough time to reach the mark, then pressing the button again extends the silence time (in order for a person to have no desire to go to sleep , the duration of the break should be a short 10-20 seconds.)
  4. after scanning the mark, the button disappears.

Yeah that would also work. Although I would prefer it as originally stated, just because it has an extra level of getting-me-out-of-bed-ness :joy:

i used to use an old ios app that let you create as many steps as you needed with barcode scanning to turn off each alarm! it was amazing for routines, you could have your first wake up scan be your pill bottle and your second one X minutes later be your toothpaste and then a third one be your shampoo bottle. worked great for starting the day right! some of the sleep as android features are so close to that capability it would be amazing to see that kind of utility.