QR-Code with fallback code

I use QR-code to scan for wakeup. I have activated the check box at home only, but often I have the problem, that my smartphone believes I’m at home although I’m not at home.

Inside Android settings I have high precision for GPS activated and GPS is always on. But at night my phone is in airplane mode.

So the only way is to restart my phone and delete Sleep as Andorid always. But after that I have to install and adjust the app again. That’s a little bit user unfriendly.

So I thought maybe you could implement any special thing, which is also not very easy to find, where you could (maybe with inserting a PIN) turn off the alarm also in this case.

That would be a great extension!

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I really like the idea of QR/NFC but having a second captcha as a fallback is pretty much a requirement for me to find it usable.