QR Code CAPTCHA Automatically Changes to a CAPTCHA of User's Choice, when Not at Home

I have the QR code CAPTCHA set up. If I’m not at home, I want the QR code CAPTCHA to automatically change to a CAPTCHA of my liking.

For example :
If I’m at home, I have to solve the QR code CAPTCHA.
If I’m NOT at home, I have to solve the math CAPTCHA (no QR code CAPTCHA at all).

Hi Brandy,
if you must use Captcha even when not at home and you want to be forced to solve the fallback, do not use the “only at home”.
If the “Only at home” is not ticked, you will always be required to scan or solve the fallback.
The option “Only at home” allows you to skip the Captcha, but it is just one option for this scenario.

When you keep the option disabled, and you will sleep in a different location, the Captcha will load for your alarms, and you can either scan, or tap the icon for the fallback task, and solve this Captcha.

Hi, thanks for your response.

I’ve changed my wordings. I hope we don’t get lost on technicality here (or rather I shall not get lost), but rather hold on to the potentially added values of the product / experience. But I really do get the point, that technical correctness, especially with software products, is of high importance.

I am not sure if I understand, then,
There are two options:

  1. You wish to have an option to skip the Captcha completely when not at home - in case “not at home” option is there.
  2. You wish to NOT have an option to skip the Captcha and want to be forced to solve either the scanning or have the fallback task (if you keep the QR code at home, and will be on a vocation for example without it). For this case, you won’t use the “not at home” option.

So your scenario
“If I intend to use a CAPTCHA to wake up, but I’m not at home, I want to still have to solve a CAPTCHA when waking up. Therefore, at the very least, the fallback CAPTCHA shall still have to be solved.”
should be covered by the QR Captcha without the option to skip if not at home. You will have to solve the Captcha when waking up, even when not at home (QR or the Sheep chasing task)

I’ve changed my wordings again.