QR/Barcode Captcha Tag Fallback configuration


Recently I accidentally left an alarm with QR/Barcode captcha on, which started to ring during dinner. I have tried to do the “lost my code/tag fallback” option which then prompted me to do the sleeping sheep captcha for a total of like 300 or 400 times. That would have taken hours to complete…

In the QR/Barcode Settings the checkbox for “Lost my code/tag fallback” is checked and has a swimming ring symbol next to it, which also appears at the top right next to the trash bin symbol, however clicking the symbol in the top right does nothing. I would expect to get settings on how to deal with the tag fallback where I could decrease the amount of sheep captchas I have to solve to like 15, but that is not happening.

Is my assumption wrong and there is just no way to adjust what the tag fallback should be or is the app not working as expected as pressing the swimming ring icon does nothing?

Thanks for your help!

edit: to clarify, I mean this button:

Same problem. Would really like to know how to fix this!