Programming the body to fall asleep faster

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how it works

You begin by placing Thim on any finger as you go to bed. Thim will detect when you have fallen asleep to the nearest minute. After 3-minutes of sleep, Thim wakes you up. You then fall asleep again and have another 3-minute sleep. Falling asleep again and again will condition your body to fall asleep sooner so you learn to fall asleep with ease.

You can customize the length of time spent re-training (more time or less time). We recommend you spend the first hour of your bedtime repeating this sleep re-training process. For example, if you go to bed at 10pm, conclude sleep re-training at 11pm.

the science

University Professor Leon Lack and his colleagues discovered a way to help people fall asleep 30 minutes sooner and sleep almost 70 minutes longer (Harris et al, 2007 & 2012).

They discovered you can train your body to fall asleep sooner; if you experience the sensation of falling asleep over and over again. They called this technique sleep re-training. This discovery paved the way for Thim.

In their research, participants fall asleep and after 3-minutes are woken up. This gave participants the sensation of falling asleep, repeatedly, over a short period of time. Falling asleep again and again conditioned participants to fall asleep sooner.

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This could be awesome. Where can I get Tim?