Problems with Mi Band 4 + Notify & Fitness for Mi Band + Sleep as Android

Hey there!

I’m using Mi Band 4 together with Notify & Fitness for Mi Band (without MiFit) and Sleep as Android on a OnePlus 3T.

I’m having battery problems for months now. Most of the nights, the battery runs totally empty (also starting with 90%+) and I did not find any way to fix this problem. Also new versions of all included softwares did not help in any way.

It is not only, that SaA runs for some hours and than stops, because of empty battery. No, it does not show a graph for the wohle night.

I used the same combination before with Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 and it worked most of the time. But with Mi Band 4 ist seems to be a real problem.

Do you know of that problem?

My thought is, that it might have to do with Bluetooth and problem with finding or holding the connection?

I will post a screenshot, how a “normal” night looks like, directly from my mobile in the next post.

This is, what it looks like all night:

Or like this:

Or like this - even without pulse.

Hello, the companion app is not sending data at all (red sections), or strange values… The first graph has only red sections (no data), or awakes (added in the morning based on the HR spikes. The main Sleep app was running, as the volume level was monitored the whole time.
According to the N&F app instructions, the MiFit official app is required for MiBand 4. Do you get such strange graphs even with MiFit?
And could you please also make sure all involved apps are whitelisted from system restrictions (

Thanks :slight_smile:

I had even bigger problems with MiFit, so I used the possibility to use N&F without MiFit.

N&F only uses heart rate, which seem to work. But movement seems to be a problem?

Sleep was optimzied, I will try it without optimization. The rest is OK.

But I don’t think a KILLED app is the problem, otherwise my battery would not go empty. Something needs to much energy. This is why I thought of Bluetooth as a possible reason. My phone is in flight mode at night, so there are not many possibilities except Bluetooth, which I activate manually.

Unfortunately this did not help. I still have the same problems :frowning:

Hello, does it mean you still have red sections on the graph? Does it happen only when tracking with MiBand, or it is the same when using phone’s sensors?

It completely runs out off battery.

I did not try it without Mi Band.

The red sections sometimes occur and sometimes not. See the last two nights:


The first graph has red section because of the low battery. But the second one seems to have red sections from the beginning (the app did not get data from sensor), the battery was low after 5 o’clock.
Could you please use Left ☰ menu > Report a bug?
Did you whitelist all the involved apps from system restrictions (the companion app as well)? Some phones allow to whitelist BT itself.

Yes. But it had over 70% battery, when I went to bed. So something really needs energy… This is faster that using the screen all the time :smiley:

I think so. I put them all on “no optimization”.

I send a report.