Problems with correct settings for Galaxy Watch

Hello there, I’ve been trying and searching and googling for some time now but cannot figure out the correct settings if I want the daily morning alarm only to vibrate on my Samsung Galaxy Watch without any noise on my phone.
I managed to switch to silent mode on the phone, but the watch itself does not react.
I tried to find this setting according to FAQ/HowTo on the SAA website on my app:
MPORTANT: Smartwatch tracking needs to be enabled in Settings > Wearables > Sleep tracking *(Use wearables) from
but I do not see this option
I am using app version 20190925 with additional SAA gear addon

The Setting in Smartwatch Section for Alarm is “vibrate from the beginning”, selected Smartwatch is Galaxy Watch, notifiations for SAA is enabled on the watch

So how can I make this work? Silent mode on phone but vibration on watch? Maybe I have to install some addin on my Galaxy Watch App?

Second question: does the alarm on my watch (as soon as I figured out how to enable) also work if the phone is not in the same room? Additional to Bluetooth, I have remote connection (WiFi) enabled.

Thanks in advance and BR,