Problem with Spotify Connect

Detailed description of the problem:
Yes, I know the Spotify-Plugin is still experimental :slight_smile: if there is another Device with Spotify online from which Audio was played last, the Alarm-Audio will go off on that device and not on the Smartphone with Sleep As Android.

Steps to reproduce:
Have another Device with active Spotify online, e.g. PC.
Make sure that in the Spotify Android-App the Playback via Spotify Connect is active on the PC, maybe because you listened to music on that device the day before which makes it the last active device in Spotify.
Set Alarm.
Wait for Alarm.
Version of Sleep as Android:

There are three ways for you to set Spotify as an alarm. You can install the app called Alarm Clock for Spotify on your iPhone and then wake up with Spotify music. As you said that you are an Android user, you could try to install the apps like SpotOn or Google Clock, and those apps can let you choose Spotify music as an alarm. But there also exists the problem that you cannot activate Spotify music as an alarm. The best method is to download Spotify music using TunesKit Spotify Music Converter and then directly go to choose your favorite Spotify music tracks as your alarm.

I use the Spotify MP3 Downloader from AudFree. It is helpful to downlaod Spotify songs so I can listen to them on my players or set the music as alarm. So convenient. I can also use the songs on my other apps.

There are a lot of different apps in the App store and services on the web that claim to help you to set Spotify alarm sound but very few live up to those claims. AS Bella metioned, Google Clock App and SpotOn Alarm App are the good ways to achieve it.I also recommend using the third party Tunelf Spotify Music Converter to let you save Spotify music to MP3 so as to use Spotify as an alarm on Android.

I recenty moved my playlist to spotify using Musconvtool. But I did not face such problems.

Nice! If you don’t want the alarm audio on your Sleep as Android, you can don’t play Spotify online but offline. That’s easy and won’t take much time to set these things up. Downloading Spotify and using it as your local files, I will recommend you the AudFun Spotify Music Converter.

Thank you! I’ve tried Tunelf Spotify Music Downloader months ago. It was awesome! Quite fast and efficient!

Thank you, this solved my issue too.