Problem with Miband 4 and Gadgetbridge

Hello, I am trying to link my Miband4 with Sleep As Andrioid thru Gadgetbridge without success. The app does not see the band. Can you please help?
Phone Samsung Galaxy A51
The latest version of SAA

Hello, many thanks for your feedback. I do not think Gadget Bridge would have integration with Sleep as Android implemented, Sleep as Android is currently supported by Tools & Mi Band and Notify & Fitness both support Mi band 4 with Sleep as Android…

@petr-urbandroid I hope it’s ok that I revive this topic.
I have a Mi Band 5 and use Gadgetbridge because of its privacy features. No cloud. FOSS.
The other integrations you mention are all realized by closed source applications that need location permissions to function.

I’m aware that a Pebble integration via Gadgetbridge already exists.
It would be awesome if you could work with the Gadgetbridge developers and maybe create a generic gadgetbridge-integration.