Problem with dontkillmyapp

Hello everyone, good evening, I’m having problems with the dontkillmyapp application, and I don’t know where to communicate because I didn’t find the specific forum for this on the internet, but anyway, I don’t know how the application works and when I uninstalled my other standard applications on the cell phone they kept sending notifications at different times, not the same as before when everything was normal and only the sleep app that kept marking in half, but this is getting in the way a lot now and I don’t know how to solve it.

Hi, the dkma app is a testing tool - it schedules a series of background tasks and alarms, and then evaluates the expected vs. executed.
100% means the phone executed all tasks, lower percentage means some form of restrictions. Some basic explanation is in (⁝) → How it works.
The app itself does not change your system - all the changes in the system settings must be done manually (apps are not allowed to change system settings because of Android security measures).
All the guides we have so far are available at the site of this project