Prevent Captcha Escape W/Admin enabled easy escape

Detailed description of the problem:
I have Prevent Captcha Escape (admin permission granted) and use a NFC tag (although this escape works on other Captcha methods), after alarm is going and I unlock my phone and press dismiss to scan my NFC tag (or like I said, any Captcha method) It lets me go to my home screen and into any app just by pressing the home button. The alarm does still sound and I am not able to turn the volume down. This only happens after pressing dismiss, if I don’t press that Admin Escape prevention works great, prevents turning down volume, bringing down notification shade etc.

Steps to reproduce:
Unlock phone while alarm with Prevent Captcha Escape (with admin permission granted) is going off, press dismiss, hit home button which escapes the app to normal home screen and usage (aside from alarm still sounding)

Version of Sleep as Android:
20190402 beta, SnapDragon Galaxy S8+ Oreo. T-Mobile Nov. security update.