Prevent Alarm From Being Disabled Without Unlocking the Phone

A few nights ago my cats discovered that my phone screen lights up when they touch it while I sleep, and started wildly pawing at it. Because the sleep tracking screen displays on top of the lock screen, they somehow managed to disable my alarm. :frowning:
To prevent that, I would like to disable SaA’s permission to draw on top of other apps. Is that safe? I seem to remember that without that permission, sometimes the alarm screen wouldn’t show up. Is that true, and if so, is it still the case?

An alternative would be to switch back to the home screen after starting sleep tracking. However, the notification still allows me (or my cats :smile_cat: ) to stop sleep tracking, which in turn will display the summary on top of the lock screen with an option to disable the alarm. Is there a way to prevent the alarm from being disabled or sleep tracking to be stopped without unlocking the phone?

Hello Joachim,
the Draw over other apps permission is only used for launching full-screen alarms from the background, so if you disable it, there are no other side effects.
Are you absolutely sure the cat disables the alarms, and they are not having troubles with the system restrictions? Could you please send us the application logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug)?

You can disable the notification in the system settings (Apps → Sleep → Notifications).
If the phone is placed with the display facing down - is it still tempting your cat?