Poor vision: improve access to trigger awake event during tracking?

I have difficulty with the pause function in the app available when you swipe to make SaA clock go away during tracking.

Would it be possible to notify SaA of an awake event without having to swipe and pause? I was an envisioning perhaps shaking The device a certain way like maybe three taps? If something like that were received perhaps SaA could then raise a notification or a modal dialog box, saying that sleep tracking is paused. Upon coming back to bed, perhaps dismissing such dialog box could indicate resuming sleep?

The existing pause control in the app is hard to see without my glasses, in fact I use a very large digit clock on my device which means I don’t have SaA in the foreground all night.

Hello @Fufu_508… what about the filp to pause feature… you just flip your phone to add 5 minutes of pause…

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Thanks Petr,
Have SaA on a 10-inch tablet sitting in a confined space, so flipping is not really an option.