Polar API / Flow support for extended device support


like some others already asked for more polar devices, adding support for their API might add support for quite a bunch of devices.

I have a grit x pro which only syncs some data back to fit for example. It has sleep tracking and heartbeat tracking but both isn’t synced to fit.
So adding their API would allow both to be used by sleep as android as well as fit, since sleep as android would sync it with fit.


Hello @idl0r … sorry for the issues. To integrate with Sleep as Android sleep tracking we need access to the device data in real time… we do this for Polar OH1+, H10, Versa Sense etc… and for many other brands like Wear OS, Galaxy Watch, Garmin, Mi Band, Amazfit etc…

But the APIs you have provided here do not give access to any real time data, instead those are ex-post aggregated health data which are little use for smart wake up and our sleep traking, if you want to watch what Polar thinks about your sleep you can do it in their app… Hope that helps…

Hi Petr,

yeah, that’s not real-time unfortunately but it does have sleep times for example. So I wouldn’t have to do that by hand. I was hoping to have that in sleep as android and Google fit

Hello @idl0r … sorry about that we do not have the capacity to integrate with every health service out there… instead we focus on the big main stream service like Google Fit, Samsung Health or now the new Health Connect API… if you can get Polar to sync in one of those you can get your data into Sleep as Android…

Gotcha. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: