Please help! Wake detection confusion

I’ve been having trouble with falling back asleep after turning my alarm off. How can I make sure I will be the alarm will ring again if I fall back asleep? Is there an option to use the phones accelerometer to check if I’m up and moving, and if I’m not the alarm will ring again? Please help!!

Use the “captcha” feature. It forces you to prove to the app that you are truly awake, and you can make it so that you must go into another room to silence the alarm.

Hope that helps.

How would I make it so I have to go in another room? Would I have to use NFC? I’ve tried the captcha but occasionally fall back asleep afterwards haha

Hello Danny,
you can set either QR Code Captcha or NFC tag Captcha and placed the code/tag in a different room.
For QR Captcha you need a QR code or a barcode - any QR would do the trick, you can print it from the free QR code generator on internet or use any QR code you find.
For NFC tag you can use for example a credit card (