Please help me chose a good wearable compatible with SaA


Hello everyone,

I’m thinking of purchasing an activity tracker and would like to have the following features :

  • Compatible with SaA (That’s the most important… )
  • Continuous HR monitoring (accuracy is a plus)
  • GPS would be a nice to have

Then, the more the better (SPO2, …)

My goal is to improve SaA readings as well as starting to monitor my exercices better. These include jogging/hikes/trekking, swimming, rope skipping.

Could you be so kind as to help me out ?

Thanks a ton in advance,

EDIT : I see that Bluetooth Heart Rate monitoring is supported. Am I to understand that any wearable with HR and bluetooth will synchronise with SaA ?


I don’t know about other options, but I tried the Mi Band 2 and now I have a TicWatch E, and I adore my Ticwatch. I had endless trouble with my Mi Band unsyncing any time I went more than about 12 hours without opening Notify and Fitness, and I found that… unutterably obnoxious. It was just my luck that they came out with a brand new TicWatch generation less than three months after I bought mine, but ah well. Such is life.

TicWatch does have an Always On heartrate option, but I haven’t used it and I think it might be a bad idea for battery life, as the battery tends to last about 1.5 days at the best, with no always-on screen and gesture-on screens disabled.