Please do a better backup

Making and restoring backup of the app is not intuitive at all and there is some wrong, misleading text in the UI. Please do it better.

  1. In czech, there is Import dat - Zálohovat do vnitřní paměti - it is wrong, there should be Obnovit z vnitřní paměti.
  2. Cloud backup - it backups only sleep data, it should be written there. User needs to know which option backups the app and which backups backups just sleep data.
  3. Import data - it is a ridiculous system, indeed. The backup should be either just one file and the user should choose it, or the user should just choose the folder. Now there are a lot of files and the user doesn’t know what to select.

@Pilda many thanks…

  1. I fixed this by changing “Zalohovat do vnitrni pameti” to “Záloha v úložišti zařízení” which is more appropriate IMHO

  2. In fact in Cloud Backup we also backup settings and active repeating alarms… during restore we restore all settings which have not been changed so far and we restore the active alarms from your backup but make them inactive - disabled so that this does not cause any unwanted alarms…

  3. Not sure if I understand, at the moment we use one zip file which includes Settings, Alarms, Sleep records and noises and during the import you can choose which of them you want to import. Am I missing something?

It’s OK then. Sorry, you are right, the backup is fine.

I just copied all the data from Documents/sleep-data to SD card because I needed to have the backup on SD card and there was a lot of files and therefore I was confused that there was a lot of files. Forget it.

Maybe you could add a possibility to backup/restore from SD card.