Please allow to download app from play store on smart watch

I am really interested in use your app, but I am iPhone user, so my request to you is to allow us to download app from Play Store on Wear os on smart watch itself

The watch app needs the phone app. No way around that. I think if you just get a budget-minded Android tablet, that would do it. There is no iOS phone app, and you need a phone/tablet app. You would also be able to look at and display your sleep graphs on your iPhone via Sleep Cloud. It’s a web applet. And I hear that the new Samsung S6 is a fantastic tablet. But any Android tablet would do. Or a WiFi only Android phone, for that matter.

I do not see them doing an iOS port anytime soon. But there are ways. Add an inexpensive tablet and you’ll have access to both operating systems. I have an iPad 4, and so it’s all covered for all apps. It was a freebie. Came with a car! Expensive iPad. LOL