Please add Xiaomi Mi Band 4 support

Can you please add Xiaomi Mi Band 4 support? Thank you

unfortunately it is not possible - Mi Bands do not provide the required integration options. The device needs to have an API that grants access to adhoc sensor data.

The only way to use your Mi Band for sleep tracking with Sleep, is to install either Notify&Fitness app or Tools&MiBand app. They both should have support for latest Mi Band 4.


It’s definitely possible: with either of those add-ons. I prefer a wearable that doesn’t need add-ons. But I hear it works quite well.


I purchased your app to monitor my sleep, and I was using it with MI band 3 and Sleep phaser together. Actually it gave good result.

Recently I purchased MI band 4, and it looks like I cannot use it anymore with Sleep as Android. Your suggestion to use Nofity & Fitness makes either my band or my Sleep Phaser useless, which I really don’t like.

Please kindly work out some solution, because right now it looks like I wasted some money.


Hi. Where in the app can I enter the key to the Mi Band 4 bracelet, without installing third-party apps ?! I have the key.

Dear @Moose, thanks for asking that question. Mi Bands are only supported through 3rd party apps, not directly.
This is because there is no public API for the Mi Bands, so there is no official way to integrate Mi Bands. The only way to talk to a Mi Band (read data, vibrate for alarms, send notifications) is by a cracked bluetooth protocol. Cracking the protocol is very sophisticated and hard work, for which we don’t have resources as we are a very small dev team. That work has already been done by developers of the 3rd party apps like Tools & MiBand or Notify & Fitness for MiBand. But the knowledge is embedded in their apps and they of course guard it as it is the core feature of their apps and thus makes their living.
So we have partnered with them to get integration with MiBand. This is very advantageous to us because whenever a new MiBand comes to market, they very quickly spoof their protocol as well and add it to our integrations.

We will never have direct integration with MiBands because it’s just too damn hard to do that, and maintain it. I hope you understand.

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Thanks for the answer. I understand, but I’ll ask again.

The smartphone has a key_mb4 file.txt in it the key 4c8e8ff23d0d92b76c652dcf1c7e275c, the key generates a third-party application (modified Mi Fit). Can I use this key to work with your app?

You can’t.

I don’t know the protocol, but I think it works in a way that any command you send to the bracelet has to be signed with the key you mentioned. But you have to know what commands and how to send to the bracelet. We don’t know that, that’s what the 3rd party apps know.

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