Please add Google Home / Matter support

It would be an amazing integration for any Google Home ecosystem.

The idea would be to be able to link Sleep as Android to Google Home and it adds various sensors/devices.

Those could provide various states e.g. a sleep/awake state, snoring/talking events, whatsoever.

Not sure what kind of sensors/devices Google home supports. The Aquara FP2 doesn’t add any special sleep sensor. It shows up as motion sensor in GH.

This would be such an amazing addition. I already have a working sleep/awake automation using the FP2, but being able to do this with a phone would be great too. Snoring detection is nice as well as I can use my speakers to play sound or flash a smart light.

It would also allow for sophisticated lighting automations.

e.g. I have bright grow lights and when I’m not at home they turn on at sunrise. When I sleep at home I don’t want them to wake me up at sunrise, so they only turn on when I’m already awake / wake up.

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