Please add back option to postpone alarm

After recent update the option to postpone alarms has been removed. It’s one of my favourite features of this app and I use it quite a lot as my schedule changes frequently.

In Version 20180601 the feature is available.
Which version do You use?

I use version 20180411. The option just isn’t there anymore.

You could go to Sleep as Android - Downloads and download the 20180518 version.
Make sure it is this version (prod release) and not the beta.

I tried it once and it was recognized by the place store, so You should still receive updates in the future.
Or, You just wait for the app to update what will usually happen in a few days.

If I’m right, the option should be available again.
If I’m wrong, I’m sorry.:wink:

Well, I just forgot to set repeating for an alarm. So, it seems that everything is OK. The topic can be closed :wink:

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Thanks a lot for following up. I’m closing the topic.