Play sound when a deep aleep phase is detected

Research show that playing specific Delta waves simillar or the same as pink noise while subject in deep sleep phase can speed up recovery process in the brain cells. Thank you Urbandroid for a great app! More about specific delta waves influence on Ted talk video can be found here:

I second this request.
And if you (Sleep as Android developers) can use the MUSE-S headset, you can guarantee that the pink noise gets played during slow wave,

and there’s no risk of playing it in light sleep, where it may tend to wake people up.

I had this right with my DREEM headband but that fell apart.

I had to return it twice for repair - the plastic pieces where the elastic comes out separated from the main unit both times, and the last time it was out of warranty and the company was out of the consumer space, no more repairs.

I used the Lucid dreaming feature a lot and I’ve been successful, but now I want to try hypno sleep(Elman’s) and that requires playing sounds during the deep phase of sleep.
Could you add a feature that does the same thing that the Lucid dreaming does with REM, but with deep sleep?

support conversation with Rares-Mihail

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