Pixel 6 battery using Ticwatch E3

Using Sleep as Android for the first time. Looking at the battery usage, I was wondering if this is ok/fine (see screenshot please).

@Technojo this depends on what features of Sleep as Android you are using, I see some 20% battery use pre 8 hours of tracking this is pretty much expected in case you use for instance sleep noise recording or play lullabies or some other battery intensive feature. But of course you can charge your phone during sleep tracking to have it at 100% in the morning…

I don’t use any fancy stuff except for the automatic detection of sleep. I did not configure any alarms if that matters. I’ll setup back one and see if that changes something. I’ll let you know, thanks.

edit: does my phone needs to be around me when sleeping? It’s not.

oh btw, did you ever consider having a “basic” version of Sleep as Android? I don’t really needs all those nice features etc… just want to know how many hours of sleep I’ve gotten.

edit: actually, what happens after the trial ends?


ad basic version, yes we have considered it, in fact you can use menu > home screen > alarms only and rely on the extremely battery efficient slep time estimates which will calculate just your sleep times using your phone usage - it will use the accelerometer sensor and the ambient light sensor for those estimates.

But we try to make Sleep as simple as possible, you can simply slide away anything from the dashboard what you do not need and to have it count number of hours sleeping you do not need to even start sleep tracking as stated above…