Phone activity sleep tracking not taking sleep times into account

I work third shift (2300-0700) at a factory, and we’re not permitted to use our phones on the production floor. Almost every day I’ve been getting a notification along the lines of “did you sleep between 0012-0703?” These times have, so far, been when I’m at work. This is annoying because Sleep as Android seems to assume a somewhat normal sleep schedule, which mine is not. I sleep from around 1500-2115, and I get the notification sometime before I’m getting ready for bed. I’ve had to turn this feature off because it’s no longer helping me when I forget to start sleep tracking, as it’s asking me (almost) every day.

Version of Sleep as Android:


Hello, big thanks for reporting. Normally we should assume the times from your record history for each particular day and than look at the phone still times and find the most probable times when you sleep. The find the reason why this does not work well for you we would need to look at a debug report, can you please send one (menu - report a bug) and describe the problem in description?

Thanks for the reply. I have sent a bug report with a copy of my initial post here, hopefully it helps narrow things down.