Philips Hue integration no longer working in 20210303 (22273)

Expected behaviour:

  • Pressing “Test” in the Settings -> Smartlight menu should flash the selected light
  • Pressing “Turn off” in the Settings -> Smartlight menu should turn off the selected light
  • Pressing “Start sleep tracking” should fade out the selected light
  • Alarms should begin a sunrise-like effect on the selected light when they go off and turn the light on fully when dismissed

Observed behaviour:

  • None of the above behaviour is occurring
  • Selecting a light in the Philips Hue Connected menu will flash the light as before

Integration was working as expected in 20210215 (22265) and previous.

Hello @cimsihmm big thanks for reporting this we are preparing a fix for the next BETA… we will release the fix shortly… all the best and many thanks!

Just releasing the fix

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Can confirm it’s working for me since the update - thanks! :slight_smile:

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