Persistent notification for alarm

I’m wondering if it would be possible to integrate a feature that displays a persistent notification of the next active alarm in the notification drawer. Many weather apps have a persistent notification, it would be useful to have alarms a well. Hopefully I’m not just missing it. Thank you in advance.

Hi, the use of persistent notifications has very strict rules on Android, and the app must have a reason to show it that Google will approve.
Would it help to use the alarm widget instead? It shows the first next alarm (if the alarm is within 24 hours; if the alarm is in a further future, it shows the weekday too).

I do use the widget, I was just in the process of cleaning up my home screen a little bit and thought to look if this was possible. Understood that this may be complicated to achieve, interesting that it’s a Google requirement. Thanks for the response!

@justonequestion most new Abndroid phones have an alarm quick settings tile which shows next alarm and if tapped briong you to that alarm settings. I think this is really the best way to go about this… also we show a one time notification one hour before the alarm to give you a head ups…