Perfect sync with Google Fit

Good night to all of Brazil.

Google Fit recently received a great update, which among other things, brings more details of sleep nights automatically synchronized, such as;

1- Circles, one in white with the time you lay down and the time you got out of bed, and the other in blue with the effective sleep period.

2- An analysis of the data with sleep efficiency.

3- A graph with the analyzed sleep cycles. (REM, Light, Deep).

4- A graph with the heart rate during the sleep period.

The only problem is that for some reason only the fourth item syncs perfectly, all other items fail to sync, one night it syncs one item, the next it syncs just another item. And always at most two of these four items added, with heart rate always present.

And it is not that these data have not been collected, I can analyze them within Sleep itself, but I would very much like to be able to analyze them also within Google Fit, but for that it is necessary that all this data synchronize perfectly.

This is my sincere request for implementation.

In advance, apologies for the flawed English and thanks to the readers of the topic and the developers of this incredible application.

Hello Mellor,

big thanks for the feedback. We are actually working on Google Fir intensively just now… With latest library completely changed we are now implementing all the changes which will get to BETA soon… but unfortunately non of us has the new Fit version yet se we are no able to test the new sleep phases just yet…

But we are definitely looking into making a full user experience with Fit…

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Hello good day.

In the last contact, I reported a very failed sleep synchronization with the new Google Fit. So they suggested it to me and gave me a link to the beta version of sleep.

And now, after installing the beta version of sleep, all synchronizations are performed perfectly. It is already my second night of sleep in which all the data was masterfully synchronized to the new Google Fit, as I present with the attached print.

The synchronization of the beta and public versions must occur differently and in the beta version, in fact it works.

Happy with the result.

Thanks to the developers.