Pebble background tracking

From Florian on 2014/10/01 04:58:41 +0000

I’d be great if you could use pebble’s background accelemetor tracking so I can look at my normal watchface during sleep tracking.

I’m aware it’s been introduced just yesterday, but I thought I’d propose this here anyways.

Copied from original feature request:

From Konrad Kulwicki on 2014/11/01 14:54:41 +0000

I second the Korbinian's comment, came here to write precisely about that. I currently use both Sleep as Android (in the foreground) and a Misfit watchapp.

It would be very cool if Sleep as Android could either intercept Misfit's sleep tracking data (which seems more accurate about your actual sleep time), or just employ a similar algorythm to automatically detect the sleep, even if running in foreground, so within the limits of "planned" sleep.

Running in backround on the other hand could help account for tracking "unplanned" sleep - a quick nap in an armchair or on a train for example.

From Korbinian on 2014/10/05 19:07:12 +0000

One thing to add here:
This should be optional as the pebble only supports one background worker at a time.
So everybody who has a different tracker running (e.g. misfit) would always have to disable that other tracker in order to get sleep tracking in this app if the current option of having to start and stop the app manually (and keeping that watchface running) would not exist.
Besides that pitfall, I would love to see an integration with the new background tracking APIs, maybe the app could then also learn how to automatically detect sleep (misfit can do that on the Pebble, although I'm not sure if that works well).

From Hoder Jensen on 2014/10/02 21:54:28 +0000

I second this and it would make Pebble an even better smartwatch for sleep tracking and maybe squash the rare sensor bug.

From Daniel Bø Golan on 2014/10/01 20:16:55 +0000

Pebble has released version 2.6 witch includes background activity tracking!
'This update lets Pebble users display their favorite watchface while tracking their activity in the background'

Will sleep as android support this and the new quick launch feature?

I love the canvas watchface and would love to be able to launch the Sleep As Android app and the go back to canvas and see the alarm time as a variable in canvas (it supports plugins )! While sleep tracking happens in the background!

(typing on a tablet, please excuse typos)

Canvas :
Pebble realease note :