Paused a little longer before tracking with watch

From Summer Ellington on 2015/01/27 05:18:54 +0000

HUGE FAN love the app. My neurologist in Houston suggests the app to his clients bec of what I’ve shown him. I can’t wait for my moto 360 to be fully streamlined down the road with the app. On nights when I’m going to get alot of sleep I worry about my watch discharging bec it does heavily drain the battery. I typically charge while I brush my teeth and shower (enough to get a full charge) then in the again in the am while washing my face. BUT sometimes there are days when I just throw it on the charger then climb into bed. Problem is the watch is charging beside the bed and will continue to connect to the sleep tracker while the watch is sitting still in the dock. Could you simply put a thing in the settings to prompt you whether you’d like that watch to connect auto or would you like to actually just select it on an individual basis. Thanks!

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