Pause detection

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Blockquote Current SaA App-Version: 20190206
Mi Fit-App: 3.5.8/ Mi Band Tools: 3.8.2
Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Android-Version: 7.0
Record-Type: Smartwatch Bluetooth
Smartwatch: Mi Band 2 (BT-connected) / Firmware-Version: V1.0.1.81

It seems there is a detection problem with the mi band 2. If you sleep once on your button then it dectects it as a pause untill the end. The button is deactivated in the mi band tools settings.

This bug is semi-repoducible.
It happens often enough, but not every time.

Many thanks for reporting. Do you have the button configured as pause? I’m sorry I’m not too much familiar with all the options in Tools & Mi Band…

It seems a lost connection also triggers the permanent pause. This time it happened because i forgot to load my band.31-01