Passwords to delete alarms

I need extra help getting out of bed because in winter time my discipline to get up early for exercising is just not that great. I need someone to hold me accountable. The QR codes work great…up to a point. However, if my early alarm can’t be deleted that would definitely force me to get up early and scan all the codes. So in short, I set an alarm, a friend enters a password and I would need that password again if I want to disable the alarm.

Hello, do you mean that there should be a special mechanism to prevent deleting alarms?
Currently the captchas (such as QR code) force you to solve the task in order to disable the alarm even before it rings.
But it has a time limit and certainly won’t prevent you from disabling the alarm the evening before.

Right away I can see one basic problem with a password protected alarm, and it’s that you can always switch off your phone in the evening, and no password will help you then…

Hi there,

Yes, I want to be unable to delete or disable a certain alarm (once it’s been set), similar to the way Excel spreadsheets can be protected from editing. That way I can’t decide the night before that I want to sleep in and skip the gym. So in order for me to be able to sleep an hour longer, I’d have to ask a friend for the password.

In my case at least, work requires me to keep my phone on 24/7, so switching off is not an option.