Partner snoring detection

My partner and I both use Sleep As Android with Mi Band 3 wristbands.

I’ve noticed that though our phones are at opposite sides of the double bed it is possible for my phone to detect my partner’s snoring and make my wristband vibrate! Which on more than one occasion has woken me and defeats the object of the anti-snore exercise.

So for now I’ve disabled anti-snore vibration on my wristband, but are there ways to desensitize my phone to my partner’s snoring because their snoring is also showing up in my snore score and noise recordings.

@jan-urbandroid could pair tracking possibly be a solution for this in the future?

Great minds! I was thinking similar. Also a person’s snore sound can be unique to them and could possibly be attributed to them via machine learning?

Hello TechTangle, we know about this problem and we unfortunately have no good solution for it at the moment.

The recorded loudness of snoring varies greatly, depending on how loud the snore actually is, whether the person is turned towards the microphone or away from it, whether he is covered with a thick blanket, etc… A simple filter based on whether the snore is loud or silent is not applicable here.

Something along the lines of pair tracking might help. The two phones could tell each other when they detect a snore and tell how loud it was from either perspective. And if the recording is much louder on one side than the other, we could expect that only one sleeper was snoring.

Apart from it, a personalized learning algorithm that recognizes only his owner’s bodily sounds would be an ultimate holy grail.

Generally, we are planning to do some more research on snoring detection and gradually improve the feature, but no solution to your issue is ready at the moment.

Best Regards,